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NaturePlay Art Company:

A BETTER choice for art and craft supplies

Why is NaturePlay a better choice?

Here at NaturePlay, our ergonomic design improvements help teach
proper grip, making handwriting and coloring easier and fun.

Quality, to us, means the absolute commitment that
NaturePlay products will always be safe and non-toxic.

Check out Klip, Klop, Phyleap, and Pokey's adventure in Sticky Mess

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We think value is equally important

That's why our products are priced below the leading national name brand.

Here at NaturePlay, we create and craft products that are innovative, fun and designed to inspire children's imagination. With our special ergonomic improvements and dedication to products that are environmentally safe and non-toxic, NaturePlay

is the brand kids love!

We hope you will too.

1. To set a new standard for fun and original art supplies.

2. You can trust that NaturePlay products will always be safe, non-toxic, and free of excess preservatives, dyes and perfumes.

3. To dedicate ourselves to continued design improvements that help children to love making art!

When deciding which art products to choose for your family, remember with NaturePlay, you get:




NaturePlay is the brand kids love!